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AutoMetrics provides custom software and user interface development services to the manufacturing industry

User Interface development with automatic report generator option

Our Services

We help manufacturers that want to improve the efficiency of their current operations but struggle with finding the right IoT, data analytics, AI solutions, or technical talent. 

AutoMetrics team will be your smart employee by helping you through the process of finding the appropriate solution, development, and deployment.

How we Operate:



Our manufacturing engineers will sit with you to understand your goals.


Our team will evaluate solutions that are customized to your operational and managerial style.


We will present multiple solutions and you choose the proposal best suited for your goals. 


The desired solution will be developed and deployed in accordance with your feedback. 

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What We Can Do For You


Algorithm Development

Translate your routine engineering practices to machine-interpretable algorithms and codes.


Machine Intelligence Assisted Manufacturing

From real-time defect detection  to decision-making based on historical data, we optimize your production process. 


Customized App/Software

Replace your technical spreadsheets with a practical and simple tool, customized for your manufacturing operations.

Ready to improve your current operations?


Our Past Projects

Process modeling for defect control

User interface for weld sequence design software

Assisted process design, replaced the human-dependent approach

Created platform to deploy machine learning software

Machine learning-powered weld sequence design

Manufacturing Execution software (MES) 

Reduced each design iteration time from 2h to 0.2s

From workflow optimization to UI design and pilot 

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