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What is unique about AutoMetrics tech?

AutoMetrics prioritizes intelligent monitoring of manufacturing processes to ensure product quality. Its core tech, the Inspection 4.0 platform, facilitates intelligent real-time feedback, distinguishing it from delayed analysis of defects.
Inspection 4.0 directly assimilates manufacturing processes and the associated quality data to oversee production comprehensively. This approach makes it a versatile system that can integrate seamlessly with various machinery and diverse manufacturing processes.
The proprietary machine learning pipeline enables the system to first learn from multiple data sources or sensors and second understand complex and highly non-linear features of the process data from sensors.

Is Inspection 4.0 a welding inspection system?

Not exclusively. Inspection 4.0 has enabled a practical and scalable real-time monitoring system for MIG welding. However, the platform is built to be sensor-agnostic and capable of monitoring various manufacturing processes through sensor replacement and system integrations.

What are benefit and ROI with Inspection 4.0?

  • 70-100% reduction in cost of manual inspection;        

    • At a medium-sized automotive parts manufacturing (15-20 unit robots): reducing 4 full-time quality check technician, ~USD 280K per year

  • 0% missed defects and 100% quality consistency in production line

  • USD 200-1M potential loss avoided in industries such as energy/power-plant component manufacturing, where long fabrication processes risk missed defects and require expensive rework or high-value material scrap

  • Inspection 4.0 saves on operational cost of quality, leading to an ROI of below one year upon operational integration.

What is the difference between Inspection 4.0 and many other sensors in the market?

Inspection 4.0 is not a new sensor; it is a platform to provide intelligent, real-time decision-making based on existing sensors in the market. AutoMetrics does provide packaged sensors for rapid integration for the MIG welding process. The platform has flexible APIs to integrate with different sensors for other processes.

Is AutoMetrics system another vision technology for defect detection?

No. A camera for the MIG welding process enables accessing visual quality indicators, a patent-pending technology of AutoMetrics. Visual quality signals are fused with electrical data and digital signal analyses, then fed into Inspection 4.0 intelligent monitoring modules.

Is AutoMetrics another industrial camera company?

No. Inspection 4.0 provides a platform to integrate cameras, real-time visual data analytics, and recording. The camera and associated data are just one type of sensory system that can integrate into the platform and, therefore, can be removed or replaced with different types/brands.

Does Inspection4.0 generate welding program so the machine can optimize the process setup?

No. The Inspection 4.0 system primarily provides intelligent monitoring for production lines using complex fabrication processes such as MIG welding. Although Inspection 4.0 does not provide the initial setup for welding, it does include flexible APIs to send real-time feedback to closed-loop control systems.

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